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Your Trusted Tree Service Company in Belleville IL

Big Oak Tree Services Provided:

Storm Damage Clean Up
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming
Stump Removal
Stump Grinding

Bobcat Work
Bucket Truck and Crane Available
Fire Wood for Sale (Year Round)
Full Clean Up Services
Lot Clearing

We offer free estimates &
24-hour emergency storm damage service.

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Tree Service in Belleville IL

Most people justify bad landscaping as “not worth the trouble” to repair. Big Oak Tree Service in Belleville, IL is here to take the burden off of your hands. Our experienced arborists really illustrate the potential of your trees, catering to keep them vigorous and stunning. From stump removal to tree trimming, we offer various types of tree services to help suit your desires for your commercial or residential property.

Emergency Storm Damage Belleville IL

While some people find thunderstorms calming and delightful, it can be a real hassle when it comes to cleaning up after one. When disaster strikes – we have the equipment and manpower for a swift fix. Our mission is to minimize the storm damage on your property caused by fallen trees. No matter the size, our experienced team has yet to come across a challenge they couldn’t handle.

Tree Pruning & Trimming Belleville IL

It is important to understand that proper fruit tree pruning and trimming are essential on younger trees which help yield more fruits and also give the ability for the tree to reach its full potential. It also helps keeping a tree well trimmed, due to storms knocking loose branches off and causing more damage and money than needed. We can prune your fruit trees and maximize what it yields in the years to come.

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Lot Clearing Belleville IL

If you want to make room for another structure on your property, or simply just want to create more space for your property – Big Oak Tree Service offers a lot clearing/excavation service. We clear the property of trees and brush using bobcats and excavators.

Whether you need a basic stump removal or major land excavation – we have the tools to get the job done!

Stump Grinding Removal Belleville IL

Stumps can be eyesores and if they aren’t dealt with – it can lead to infestation, parasites and fungi – which can spread faster than jelly on toast. It can also be a potential hazard. Our team is trained and well experienced when it comes to stump removal. The top of the line machines we use to assure the customer of a job done efficiently and in a timely manner. Grass will be growing before you even have time to write us a check.

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About Big Oak Tree Service

More often than not, proper landscape strategies go a long way in terms of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to diagnose – care – preserve – protect all of your tree and shrub needs. Whether it is stump removal or tree trimming, we have the ideal equipment for the smoothest job possible. We offer the finest tree service in the Belleville, IL area.

We are a veteran owned business (Semper Fi) and for the last 16 years, we have been providing unparalleled tree service at an affordable rate. Our licenses and insured professionals treat, remove, shape or trim trees up to ISA® Certified standards.

We are a full service company from tree trimming, tree removal to stump removal. Servicing the following counties: St. Clair, Madison, Monroe and Washington.

Equipped with an armada of bucket trucks, bobcats and cranes; we handle any job, no matter the size. Furthermore, we offer 24-hour full clean up services, free estimates and are fully insured.


Big Oak Tree

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